stacey l keel walkerStacey L. Keel-Walker

Specializing in educating on money and taxes is a love I have.  So many people go to the big name chains and just hand over their documents to the preparer; that being someone who is a preparer would be just data entry.  They would key in the information then say “You’re getting back this or you owe this now just sign here, here, and here”. You are in and out the door in 30 – 45 minutes and don’t have a clue about what’s on your tax return.  I do the exact same thing but I also explain and advise on how to pay less in taxes and keep more money your pockets and not Uncle Sam’s. 

I feel that people should know more about their finances.  By educating you, I show life changing incidents (marriage, divorce, having a baby/adoption, buying a house, or starting a business) can affect you tax situation.

My journey started in 2001, when I decided to take a tax preparation course through Jackson-Hewitt, wanting to know how to prepare taxes and learn how the number add up on the tax return.  I continued my tax education for 5 tax seasons going from tax preparer to Office manager.  Then in 2007, I started working at D. Jones Accounting & Tax Service.  During the two years, there I learned in more detail on how to prepare business tax returns and what information I need to convey to my clients to better help them with their tax situation.

In 2008, I met my mentor Corey Moore of Fortune Financial Group.  With his leadership of 4 years, I learned how to network effectively and build the foundation of my business.  In 2011, SLK Financial Services was established but not launched.  While working under Fortune Financial Group, I started feeling like I needed to do more for my business and gain more tax education.  During 2012, SLK Financial Services was officially launched!  Stepped out on faith and in doing, so all my clients were happy and wondered what took me so long.  In 2013, entered into a new partnership with D-Unity Group, who specializes in Government Contacts.  There I was educated on 1.  How to obtain contracts, 2. All certifications are in order, and 3. How to keep the contracts.  The two companies complement each other because I have clients that want to get into government contracting and they have clients that need to get their taxes and bookkeeping in order for the contracts.  My Company was nominated as 3rd Best Accounting and Tax Company in Atlanta in the Atlanta Tribune in 2013. 

Our mission is to help our clients to help themselves by educating them.  Knowledge is Power and who doesn’t want to be in power.  We also like for our clients to think of us as an “All Resource Company”.  Their “Go To Place” for all things that affect their finances and money matters.

About Us

We are a Tax Preparation and Advisement company that educates clients on how to lower their tax liabilities therefore saving them money. In other words "Keeping more money in their pocket and not UNCLE SAM'S".

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118 N. McDonough St. Ste B, Jonesboro GA 30236

Phone: 404-477-7241